DIY Busters

Taking the stress out of DIY

DIY Busters Limited 2010

Who are DIY Busters?


DIY Busters focus on providing a one stop shop solution to your household needs.  Whether a planned renovation or an emergency call out, we are here to help.  We take ownership and pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service.


We offer a number of additional services, designed to help our customers in various situations.


Additional Services


Landlord Support

We offer a number of services specifically designed for landlords, where you need to have ongoing maintenance and call-out facilities for properties.  We can offer you a contract to carry out all minor repairs through to full ownership of your property maintenance and repairs.


Estate Agents

We provide a full range of services to local estate agents, assisting with tasks to help bring houses to the right standard to achieve sales and to assist purchasers (e.g. minor repairs, painting, decorating, plumbing and electicals) 



Occasionally customers need to move out from their properties whilst renovation and building work is completed.  DIY Busters (through our links with the small business network) are able to arrange preferential rates on a variety of accommodation upon request and they can form part of the overall quotation that you receive. 


Where emergency plumbing has been requested, especially with gas leaks, if accommodation is required DIY Busters will be happy to assist you.  Where such moves require a claim from your insurance company, we are happy to work with them to try to reduce your stress at what can be a very difficult time.